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To help develop and to promote the local fashion industry across the entire value chain, through innovative programs, with special emphasis on creative excellence; to support the rebuilding of the industry and in the process contribute to the national GDP.


To be The Guardian and  Development Catalyst for the advancement of the Zimbabwe Fashion Industry.

Why Choose ZFC: Our Value System

  • We value partnerships and collaborations with the understanding that a community has a bigger chance of achieving greater results than an individual could ever do.
  • We value incubation and mentorships knowing that we can leverage on the experiences of those who have preceded us thereby shortening the time taken to reach success. We recognize that ideas need to be natured into tangible profitable ideas for the benefit of the individual and the society they function in.
  • We value networking knowing that they can open us to a world we never knew existed for our betterment and growth.
  • We value inclusivity knowing that the beauty of our diversity and solidarity is crucial for success.
  • We value transparency and fairness because trust, integrity and respect creates an environment for productivity and healthy competition.
  • We value sustainability because it is necessary to create fashion that is lasting, to promote up cycling and recycling in order to protect the environment for future creatives to thrive in.

Our Purpose

  • To contribute to the development of the country through the fashion and textile industry and related sectors by creating an environment that promotes growth, fairness and sustainable business practices.
  • To provide access to skills and tools that would empower the fashion inclined entrepreneurs by crafting initiatives, programs and publications.
  • To create a platform for conferences, seminars, collaborations, workshops and training to enhance productivity, independence and empowerment to help present and connect the best of our creatives with the global society.
  • To provide work assistance, mentorship and advice for the industry by working with trade oriented organisations to bring in experts to groom and mentor members for better business practices, understanding of the value chain, standardisation and readiness for export markets.
  • To enter into partnerships with various forms of marketing medias (TV, Radio, Magazines, Websites, Fashion showcases), to better communicate about/promote initiatives within fashion industry thereby bringing Zimbabwean fashion to a wider audience.
  • To coordinate cooperation with advisors, partners and stakeholders with common interests and goals to promote the development, progress, growth, knowledge base and open trade of the fashion industry of Zimbabwe.
  • To advocate for national policies that enhance and promote the growth of the sector enabling members to operate and compete favourably on the local, regional and international market.
  • To be a point of reference and regulatory engine for national and international fashion related initiatives.


Our membership goal is to give creatives a voice and a platform to connect enabling them to develop their skills and transform creative ideas into established business entities.

For our membership we thrive to:

Join the peak body for the Zimbabwean Fashion & Textile Industry. Grow your business, connect with the professional network, stay informed and contribute to the future of a sustainable and innovative industry.

Joining ZFC formalizes your role as a leading industry voice in Zimbabwe and supports the eco-system that enables both established and young designers to sustainably grow.

We value partnerships and collaborations with the understanding that a community has a bigger chance of achieving greater results than an individual could ever do.

We therefore invite you to Partner with us today to ensure our Fashion and textiles sector thrives!

Established Designer

A formally registered business with 2 years of proven business existence. The designer produces apparel collections or accessories and contributes both creatively and economically to the Zimbabwean fashion industry.
  • Access to The Fashion Network
  • Access to the ZFC Market Days
  • Premium ZFC Directory Listing
  • Access to Press Releases & Events
  • Access to the Stimulus Business Accelerator program.
  • Access to ZFC member-only resources and toolkits

Young Designer

Individuals who graduated in the last five years with a diploma or higher can register. Requirements: Your application form, CV & Portfolio of your work
  • Access to The Fashion Network
  • Access to the ZFC Market Days
  • Access to Press Releases and Events
  • Access to ZFC member-only resources and toolkits
  • Discounted tickets to select industry and partner events.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join?

  • Designers
  • Companies operating in the fashion industry
  • Fashion production houses
  • Persons of service in the fashion industry
  • Companies/organisations working in favour of fashion image and exposure
  • Universities, colleges, Schools of fashion
    Fashion related artisans (Textile, accessories, jewellery)

What is the membership fee?


Enter First and Last Name
Thriving designers: These are aspiring young generation designers who are new players in the business of fashion


Get in touch

Contact Info

Phone: +263 78 765 7735
WhatsApp: +263 78 765 7734
Email: info@zimfashioncouncil.co.zw
Address : 25 Van Praagh Milton Park Harare Zimbabwe

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